Our story

The idea of Amazonia Summer Camp was generated right after the COVID19 pandemic. As a mother, educator, and wife I had to fulfill many tasks but the most important and challenging was learning to see the world in a different way by educating my 2-year-old son who had a speech delay and was diagnosed in the spectrum.

Navigating parenthood during the pandemic taught us to be patient in the middle of  chaos. We became the best guides, teachers, and stimuli for our child. In this period, I began to create activities that would help me develop his language, fine motor skills, gross motor skills and worked with his sensory problems. We also learned how the sensory parts played an important role in his development. Routines became present, frustrations sometimes took place, and behaviors varied according to their level of acceptance.

A year after the pandemic, the birth of my daughter gave me the opportunity to see how the interaction between them was a very important connection in the development of both of them. They taught me how different they are, how they enjoyed each other, how they feel and how they explore the world at different times and ways, how they helped each other and communicated in their language.

Reflecting on the experience with my two kids inspired me to create Amazonia Summer Camp, a place where children can have the opportunity to interact with others, create a connection with new friends regardless of their race, culture, color, religion,abilities,  etc. An inclusive place where the magic of art is reflected not only on paper but also in sports, games, gastronomy, and more.

Camp Director

Meet your Camp Director

Hi! I’m Monica Daniel Gil, owner and Director of Amazonia Day Camp. I have MBA and BS in Education with 10+ years professional experience in PK-6, Preschool, Middle School and High School. I previously co-founded and ran Cumbres Camp in Venezuela for five years before moving to the US.

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What's in a name?

Amazonia Summer Camp was inspired by the Venezuelan Amazon, one of the country’s most breathtaking attractions, and the union of two words that mark my life.


Ama (“love” in Spanish) for my country and zonia in honor of my mother’s name Sonia who always believed in me and encouraged me to reach the sky.

Mónica Daniel Gil, Founder and Camp Director

As a Venezuelan, I am proud to take my culture to another country that opened its doors to me and my family more than 10 years ago.

At Amazonia Summer Camp, we believe in creating a place where we can share our origin, culture, and love in an inclusive place. The name Amazonia embodies these values and promotes understanding and culture of acceptance, respect, and kindness.

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If you are looking to have a unique opportunity this summer where you can put all your creativity into practice, develop leadership, team and organization skills and have fun while working, Amazonia Day Camp is your best option!

Our commitment is with our team and our campers, so that your experience could be the most pleasant as possible. Are you in?!

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The CIT’s will be subject to the same code of behavior and policies as regular program staff and will participate in all aspects of camp life. Under the supervision of the Camp Director, they will:

  • Make the camp a fun place to be, helping to devise and plan games and activities.
  • Supervise cleaning and meals.
  • Help provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for campers
  • Help campers resolve conflicts CIT’s will always work with a Counselor and/or the Camp Director.
  • CIT’s will work with the Camp Director to learn the basics of child development, programming, and supervision procedures and policies, etc. CIT’s will work with staff to develop and co-lead workshops or games. CIT’s will participate in informal and formal activities with campers

Requirements: At least 15 years old.

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Counselors are the primary caregivers for each camper.  The Counselor is responsible for planning, teaching, coordinating, and carrying out activities and guiding campers in their personal growth and daily living skills.  

  • Assist in the direction, supervision, and organization of campers in their camper group within activities and throughout the camp in order to meet the intended camper outcomes.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of program activities for campers within the mission and outcomes.
  • Maintain high standards of health and safety in all activities for campers and staff.
  • Be a role model to campers and staff in your attitude and behavior.
  • Represent the camp when interacting with parents or community members.

Requirements: (17 years old)

Be endurance including prolonged standing, some bending, stooping, walking long distances, hiking, climbing, and stretching; requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity to manipulate outdoor equipment and camp activities;  requires normal range of hearing and eyesight to record, prepare, and communicate appropriate camper activities/programs and the ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

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Assist in the management of the outdoor skills equipment and supplies.

  • Develop and deliver an outdoor skills program that is appropriate for the age and ability of the campers.
  • Ensure that camp staff and campers know and follow safety and educational procedures
  • Assist in the management and care of the physical facilities and equipment in the outdoor skills program area
  • ­Participate enthusiastically in all camp activities, planning and leading those as assigned.
  • ­Participate as a member of the camp staff team to deliver and supervise special events, and other all-camp activities and camp functions.  

Requirements: ­ (18 + years old)

  • Training and experience in teaching outdoor skills to children
  • Desire and ability to work with children outdoors in varied conditions.

Some physical requirements: Ability to lift up to 40 pounds. Requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity to make projects and assist campers.  Requires normal range of hearing and eyesight to record, prepare, and communicate appropriate camper activities/program.. Operate with daily exposure to the sun, heat, and varying environmental conditions.

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